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Calling the Shots Benefits

The Calling the Shots programme allows teachers and youth professionals to:

  • Discuss and explore with young people, the various factors associated with weapon culture and inter personal youth violence in a positive and nurturing environment.

  • Encourage young people to share their own experiences, knowledge and understanding as a group.

  • Develop and tailor the Calling the Shots lesson plans and activities to meet the specific needs of their class or youth group.

  • Link the Calling the Shots lesson plans with outcomes like Every Child Matters, or Social and Emotional Aspect of Learning (SEAL) and other initiatives.


“It is fascinating how the curriculum highlights the dynamics in the class and enables the class as a group to work on the issues in a

nonthreatening manner”-Teacher




Students work in Calling the Shots workshop using drama expressions

(Picture taken by FBMF)

Student talking about the Consequence of carrying weapons



Calling the shots was conceptualised and written by Uanu Seshmi