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Uanu takes part in BBC TODAY’S Programme look

At issues of School exclusions

(April 08)

Uanu and Edmond speak to Smartjustice FBMF
BBC Radio 4:Angus Stickler speaks to Uanu Seshm.

BBC Radio 4 Today's programme

Speaks to Uanu about solutions to youth violence


Independent review of the From Boyhood to Manhood Foundation (FBMF).
FBMF: Good Practice
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BBC Today Programme: Saturday 12 January 2013

It has long been thought that the number of court convictions for rape and sexual assaults is just a fraction of the offences that actually take place. But the scale of the problem set out in figures published this week by the Government was still considered shocking. We were told there are as 517,000 claims of sexual assault every year; 54,000 of those are recorded by the police as crimese and just over 5,500 are convicted. Natasha Walter, Guardian columnist and Uanu Seshmi, director of the From Boyhood to Manhood Foundation, join the debate.

NEWS 2008

Closure threat to school that transforms lives of wayward teenage boysGrowing pains: Amar Singh, Evening Standard

Royal Honours For Southwark's Dedicated Community Workers: 20 June 2008

Teenager, 15, found knifed to death in flats stairwell: May 4, 2008

What the people who work with troubled teenagers think:David Cohen, Evening Standard 03.06.08

NEWS 2007

Growing pains:

It has received plaudits

and public recognition,

so why is a project that

works with marginalised

black boys being forced

to close? 19/12/07

A  London programme teaches Inner-City Kids reading , writing and reformation


Turning boys into men11/07

Black boy 'need role models not rappers'


Redemption song for boys in the hood:

Redemption song for boys in the hood: Lyle Tulloch is not untypical of a certain sort of inner-city boy. Mischievous and disruptive in school, he eventually found himself excluded from mainstream education. But now, aged 15, Lyle's fortunes seem on the up:

The gangbusters: The recent shootings in south London were a stark illustration of the grip that drug and gun culture has over young black men in the inner city. Cassandra Jardine visits a project that is helping the most vulnerable break out of the deadly spiral.

NEWS 2006

6 October 2006

Peace call as black groups look for answers

21 June 2006

Boys to men

For 10 years a foundation in the maligned London borough of Peckham has been taking rambunctious youths and showing them a different path. Tan Parsons reports

06 October 2005

The troubled teenagers who've swapped gang culture for chess

News 2002-2004

'Muslim' gangs target vulnerable: Violent street gangs are committing crimes in the name of Islam in south London, Muslim leaders have said.

The troubled teenagers who've swapped gang culture for chess

Hero worship from the boys in hoodies

Rev Al Sharpton: The man with a message

Blade culture taking hold as stabbing becomes new fashion

'Look at that bling!'

The path from gang rule to self-respect: The trigger for a new life: how role play is helping street teens

Learning what it takes to be a man

The path from gang rule to self-respect

Peckham strives to discover a new image