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School  rules


We behave in a way which allows everyone

to work and play in harmony.



We talk and behave in a polite and respectful manner.



We listen carefully and carry out instructions sensibly.



We move quietly and sensibly around the school.



We take care of our school and personal

property, work and displays.


This page outlines the expectations FBMF has for all the students on the Day Programme to succeed in the educational and behavioural targets that will provide them with a foundation to reintegrate into mainstream education successfully.

The From Boyhood to Manhood Day Programme consists of three-core strand:

  1. Self-esteem and Moral development
  2. Educational and Preparation for Life/work
  3. Mentoring and Community Service

In order for students to successfully complete the Day Programme curriculum, they must fully participate in each element.

Below are the main criteria that students will be measured against in order for a good recommendation to be provided to educational services that the student is ready to be reintegrated back into mainstream school. Please familiarise your self and your child with the criteria:



FBMF want their young men to do well and be happy.  We recognise that parents and carers play an important part in making this happen.  Therefore, our school aim to provide as many opportunities to inform and involve parents in their son's progress as they possibly can.  Regular reports, open days and visits all help.  Questions and concerns are usually dealt with quickly and helpfully.


In the event that an individual, or the representative of an individual, who has made a complaint is not satisfied by the decision arrived at, they may register an appeal by a letter, within 15 days of the decision being conveyed to them. If the complainant is not satisfied with the Head teacherís response, the complainant needs to write to the Chair of Governors: FBMF, Trinity Collage Centre, 1 Newent Close, London, SE15 6EF. The Chair will acknowledge appeal letter within 2 days, the independent appeal committee will seek to deal with the appeal with in 10 days.

We received very few complaints. In 2006 we had one complaint from a parent that was dealt with immediately.

See Summary of complaints procedure



  • The From Boyhood to Manhood Day Programme evaluates boy’s performance on a daily basis through a point system.
  • Points are awarded across a range of educational and behavioural criteria. Students are awarded high marks for positive performance and low marks for negative performance.
  • Students who achieve consistent high marks are awarded with a prize at the end of term.
  • Consistent low marks will affect our ability to provide your son with a good recommendation to go back to school, college, training or employment. Information on your son points is available on request. See example of points system


  • The From Boyhood to Manhood Day Programme strives to provide a healthy, nutritious and balanced diet. We provide fruit, vegetables and water for the consumption of our students.
  • A cooked breakfast is served between 0920hrs – 0950hrs.
  • Students arriving after this time will not be served breakfast until the first morning break at 11.00hrs. Parents must ensure that money due for breakfast and lunch is received by our administrator every Monday morning. Students are forbidden from leaving the centre without permission or escort to go to the shops.


  • At FBMF we view education as a vital component our student’s personal development. Without education and qualifications the life chances of our students will be severely reduced. Therefore it is essential that our students fully participate in the education classes.
  • Upon arrival, all students will be assessed first, and then enrolled onto a twelve-week couse in literacy and numeracy. Once they completed the course each student will be entered to sit an exam and receive an Entry Level Certificate in literacy and one in numeracy.
  • It is expected that parents well take an active role in their son’s education by ensuring that all homework is completed and handed in on time. We at FBMF believe that with parental co-operation and contribution our can strive for success!

    Children with Special Educational Needs may have homework linked to their Individual Educational Plan targets.

    There is an expectation that homework will be completed on time but if there is a problem, parents are asked to contact the class teacher or key worker. Student Procedures


Behaviour Policy: Members of the school, both staff and students, must show respect for each other and towards members of the community, not just during the school day but also in their lifestyle in any environment. There are forms of behaviour that are totally unacceptable, including bullying, discrimination, verbal and physical abuse and behaving in a way that threatens the safety of any other person. See policy

Punctuality: Students must arrive at the centre before 0900hrs for registration. The Day Programme activities start at 0900hrs with light exercise, breathing and meditation. This is essential practice in mind and body control. If a student consistently misses these sessions, then a review of their continuation on the programme will be carried out.

We monitor attendance and require clear and specific reasons for absence. Absence affects young people's work, so requests for leave must be made to the Headteacher. Leave taken without permission is recorded as unauthorised. Student Procedures

Use of Mobile Phones, MP3/IPods: All phone and music equipment should be handed in to the main office on arrival. Any student found with such equipment during education, workshops or recreation would be subject to disciplinary procedures

Use of Computers and Internet: The From Boyhood to Manhood Foundation provides and encourages the use of computer equipment and Internet access for educational purposes.

Students are forbidden from using their own software on any of the centre’s computer equipment without permission, or download games or any material inappropriate to their education.

In accordance with Child Protection regulations students are strictly forbidden from using the Internet and accessing MSN Messenger, My Space, YouTube, or any sites containing pornographic, violent or inappropriate material.

Students found to be in breach of these rules will be suspended from the programme and a review will be carried out as to their continuation on the programme.

Bullying: The centre operates a zero tolerance bullying policy. Any student found to be using threatening or intimidating language or behaviour towards students or staff will be subject to our code of practice that may result in temporary or permanent exclusion from the programme.

No student is allowed to interfere with another student in any way that includes: harassment (name calling), touching, taking personal items, play fighting, etc. Violent conduct such fighting will automatically generate a suspension and a review of the student’s continuation on the Day Programme. See policy

Damage Property: Any student found to have damaged property belonging to the centre, staff or other students will be subject to our code of discipline. The cost of damage to property (defacing folders, tearing books, breaking pens, chairs, sports equipment, cutlery, etc) will be passed on to parents or carers.

Theft: Any student found to have stolen property belonging to other students or staff will be suspended immediately and a review of their place on the Day Programme will be carried out.

The From Boyhood to Manhood Foundation proactively encourages healthy lifestyle practices in line with Every Child Matters.

The From Boyhood to Manhood Foundation operates a strict policy on the use of recreational drugs, alcohol and cigarettes in or around the premises.

Students are prohibited from entering the premises with sweets or fizzy drinks.

Students found to be in breach of these rules will be subject to our disciplinary procedures.

Workshops are conducted on Tuesdays and Fridays. Workshops are an essential component of the work that we undertake with students and enable participants to explore the negative influences contributing to their exclusion from school, involvement with gangs or the criminal justice system.  Student Procedures

Students who consistently miss, disengage, or disrupt workshops will be warned as to their continued participation on the Day Programme.

Recreation is an important component of the Day Programme and our aim is to improve the student’s physical and emotional wellbeing.

Students who fail to engage in recreational activities will receive a warning as to their continuation on the Day Programme.


We have a duty of care for the children while at FBMF. In the event that a young person becomes unwell we have a quiet area where he or she can rest and be assessed. A note will be sent home to inform the parent of any incident but we will always contact a child's parents or carer in the event of an emergency or progression of illness. Our support staff are trained in first-aid. The school has a well established policy on medication, which is available from the school office.

See the following policies:


What is an exclusion?

An exclusion is when a head teacher has decided to send a pupil home from school as a disciplinary measure. There are two types of exclusion:

Fixed-term exclusion

This is when a head teacher writes to tell you that you must keep your child at home for a fixed number of school days. By law, this cannot be more than 45 school days in any one year. When a fixed-term exclusion takes place, the letter from the head teacher must give the day, date and time when the exclusion begins, and the day and date when your child is expected back at school.

If the head teacher does not write to you to give details, the exclusion is not official and you should contact the school to arrange for your child to return immediately.

Permanent exclusion

This is when a head teacher writes to tell you that they have decided your child will be taken off the school roll. When this happens, the head teacher will tell you to keep your child at home until the school's governing body holds a meeting. You will be invited to this meeting.

Students are rarely excluded from FBMF. see policy on exclusion


Student’s with special educational needs (SEN) have an Individual Educational Plan (IEP’) that is designed by FBMF and other agencies. Reviews are carried out during the fourth, eighth and twelfths week of the programme. Speak to the staff if you need any more information.


Currently we do not have any students who cannot speak or do not understand English. When the need arise we will provide prevision.



Parents can request hard copies of all polices. Please phone admin:


FBMF'S Procedures (pdf)
Complaints Procedure

Governors Information

Summary: School Policies


Attendance and Punctuality
Bullying Policy
Child Protection
Equal Opportunities Policy
FBMF Behaviour Policy
Health Safety Off Premises
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