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The Package and Its Theme

The package includes an integrated range of lesson plans, activity worksheets, video clips (supporting the lesson plans) which cover the following six themes:

  1. Understanding Youth Weapon Violence Within Context:
    • Unit 1: Respect, Self-Defence or Protection?
    • Unit 2: Self-Control and Emotional Intelligence
    • Unit 3: Authority
  2. Citizenship and Responsibility
    • Unit 4: Personal Values and Integrity
    • Unit 5: Humility and Caring for Others
    • Unit 6: Responsibility and Accountability
  3. Dealing with Emotions and Anger
    • Unit 7: Dealing with Adversity and Challenges
    • Unit 8: Don’t Stress Me
    • Unit 9: Dealing with Anger and Frustration
  4. Respecting and Celebrating Differences in Others
    • Unit 10: Understanding Prejudice, Harassment, Stereotyping and Discrimination
    • Unit 11: Freedom from Bias and Stereotypes
    • Unit 12: Harassment
  5. Weapon Crime In Context
    • Unit 13: The Media (The Gangster Image -Negative entertainment Rap and Imagery)
    • Unit 14: Gangs: Membership and Territoriality
    • Unit 15: What is Gun Enable Crime
  6. Understanding Police, Law Enforcement and Weapon Crime
    • Unit 16: The Police and the Use of Force
    • Unit 17: STOP and SEARCH
    • Unit 18: Victim and Witness/ Hate Crime


Crime Scene of  Weapon Violence

Example of  a Theme Scenario to compliment units

Calling the shots was conceptualised and written by Uanu Seshmi