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What’s New About This Version Of Calling The Shot?

This revised and updated version of Calling the Shots is a more general teaching and learning resource, designed to pro-actively address, educate and challenge young people about their assumptions and attitudes towards interpersonal violence, anti-social behaviour and weapons. Calling the Shots is not a magic potion that will cure all youth interpersonal violence overnight. It is a holistic preventative solution which can be incorporated into to the work of supportive adults, whether they are community volunteers, teachers, law enforcers, parents, mentors or youth workers, enabling them to work in an unified way.

It contains a wide range of inter-related Life Skills activities designed to engage young people and empower them to take a proactive stance in reducing aggressive behaviour both in the school and in the wider community. This version is especially suited to work aimed at young people in Pupil Referral Units (PRUs), youth custody, Learning Support Units (LSUs) and Youth Offending Teams (YOTs). It can also play a crucial role in programmes tackling young people’s anti-social behaviour (ASB) such as Youth Inclusion Programmes (YIP) and Individual Support Orders (ISO).


Students engage in Calling the Shots group work


Calling the shots was conceptualised and written by Uanu Seshmi