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Working at the “From Boyhood to Manhood Foundation” (FBMF), supporting males of all ages has taught me much about the importance of a healthy masculine self-image. Through the Positive Male Awareness™ teachings, I discover that a healthy masculinity self-image depends on experiencing and developing Inner Calmness and a balance between the masculine and feminine principles within ones being.

Positive Male Awareness™ (PMA) is a concept that nurtures masculinity from a number of core values. Here are just three examples:

PMA is about the elevation of consciousness from the lower to the higher. This is why Inner Calmness is a key core value to PMA, it is a practical behavioural response to life and it’s challenges. Moreover, it is self-cultivation, which enables consciousness and masculine behavioural responses, to expand above the animal/human reflexes.

Health and vitality are another set of core values we have discovered to help males to nurture a mature masculinity. Health and vitality has a direct cause and effect relationship with how we relate to life challenges. One of our ‘wise sayings’ states, “You can lose your house, Job, lover, etc…, but never lose your health”. Health and Vitality enable us to perceive life difficulties as opportunities, not detrimental to our being.

Spiritual and emotional intelligence provides the rationale for a masculinity that is based on inner calmness. Spiritual intelligence is a heighten awareness of how we take responsibility for our moral development; how we are interdependent and we inter-relate with people and the world. It is a transcendence framework that is based on mindfulness and self-knowledge. From a “Positive Male Awareness’ prospective, emotional intelligence is nothing more than having the capacity to reason from the premise of Inner Calmness.  Inner Calmness is a wise teacher, which intuitively nurtures healthy emotional reflexes. In addition, it is the genesis of one's values, belief system, expectations, attitudes and actions.

These are some of the core values of “Positive Male Awareness.” These values act as guidance, but it is virtuous living or conscious living that enable one to maintain ones masculine compassion and integrity.

“Jerk masculinity” (JM) is a terminology that is used a lot in PMA. It is the antithesis of  “Positive Male Awareness”. The JM self-image is guided by a self-concept that is born in fear, worry, power, materialism, misogyny, selfishness, intolerance, or egoism. It’s roots are in the reptilian part of the brain. Whereas, PMA  guidance comes from the higher brain (frontal lobe). Therefore, PMA actions are based on transcendent values, like compassion, kindness, forgiveness, and respecter of scientific universal laws/principles, mind and body unification led by Inner Calmness.

My experiences of supporting men has shown me that, it matters not one’s education, material wealth or social standing. If a man does not have an effective means of communication with the internal or existential roots, then his self-conception will be directed by his lower human-animalistic-reptilian emotional and sensual brain.  

Positive Male Awareness (PMA) is a self-discovery path to a healthy masculinity.


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